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We are guarding against voters suppression.

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February marks Black History Month

We're so looking forward to all the great events celebrating black history and
African American artists, leaders, thinkers and inventors past and present.


Read a message from Congresswoman Val Demings (D-FL)
about what Black History Month means to her by clicking here.

Black History Month is a time to celebrate black excellence and acknowledge how it is often ignored or even shunned by popular media and whitewashed interpretations of history. It’s also a time for us to imagine the future generations of African American leaders yet to come and to make sure every African American has a voice in our Democracy.

To celebrate, we want to launch a crowdsourced effort to register the 330,986 unregistered African American voters in Florida. $1 = 1 voter registration form in the mail.

We have identified 330,986 African Americans who are eligible to vote but have not yet registered.
Donate $20 to send 20 unregistered voters a registration form right now!
- Thanks! Team FDP

National Convention Delegate Selection - Deadline to apply is March 7!

Our Florida Congressional District Caucuses to select delegates for the National Convention are fast approaching.
Paperwork to apply to be a National Convention District Delegate will be available on our website starting February 3. The deadline to apply is March 7.
Congressional District Caucuses will be Saturday, April 4.
Your January DEC, Club, and Caucus meetings are the time to present information on the National Convention. Please make sure your members know about the National Convention, how to run to be a delegate, and the timeline. More information can be found at

Save the Date! April 4, 2020 — Roaring into 2020 — A Multi-caucus Event

Roaring into 2020!

Coming April 4th, from 4:00 to 7:00pm
Union Hall
1023 S Florida Ave
Lakeland, FL 33803

After you vote for our delegates to the 2020 Democratic Convention in the morning or afternoon head to Union Hall in Lakeand
to support our Progressive Democratic adgenda and candidates!

Tickets will be available soon trough Event Bright.

Veteran? Sign up for this honor flight to DC!

It's more fun to party with your party! Join us, May 2 in Lakeland!

Let's Party!


Large Crowd Celebrates Grand Opening of our New Haines City Office!

Polk County Democrates celebrated the Grand Opening of our new office in
Haines City on Saturday, February 15th.


Polk County Democratic Headquarters

Polk County Florida Democrats
Polk County Democrats Lakeland Office
1553 South Combee Road, Lakeland, FL 3380 lakelandofficehours_20200116.jpg
Announcing our new, additional office at

711 East Main Street, Haines City, FL 33844

(863) 668-7199

Polk County DEC Chair:
Kathie Sutherland

Click here to see what Polk County Democrats stand for!

Democracy is not a spectator sport!  Please donate or volunteer today.

Recent News




Fact-checking the Democratic debate in Las Vegas

By Angie Drobnic Holan, PolitiFact Editor-in-Chief From PolitiFact
Democrats rumbled at their debate in Las Vegas, and most of the blows were aimed at the newest candidate on stage, Mike Bloomberg. Here are our fact-checks."A billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians’ — and no, I’m not talking about
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This Black History Val Demings

By Congresswoman Val Demings
115 years ago, the first Black congressman from Florida, Josiah Walls, passed away. Congressman Josiah Walls was born into slavery and faced down former slave owners and the Klan to win his election not once, not twice, but three times. This Black History Month, as I fight in Congress to protect
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Polk County Democrats Reject the US Senate Cover-Up

By Katherine Sutherland From Polk County Democrats
We are ready to Reject the US Senate Cover-Up and are working hard for change here in POLK COUNTY! There is no better way to resist than becoming a person of action! Support us and join us to be active change-makers in Polk County Florida for 2020.TOGETHER, we’ll
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PolitiFact hits the road to cover the Iowa caucuses

By Angie Drobnic Holan, PolitiFact Editor-in-Chief
Most days, we fact-check politicians  from our desks in Washington and Florida. But in January, we went on the road to Iowa. Three PolitiFact journalists spent five days following the Democratic presidential contenders. Our crew included D.C.-based senior correspondent Louis Jacobson; south
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Polk County Democrats Announce new digital media program

We have been working diligently on our new
Digital Dem Drivers program as we FOCUS 2020.

Click this link: 
to view the application for those who wish to join our DDD campaign.

Digital tool kits will be sent at the beginning of each month. If you fill out the application after the tool kit has already been blasted for the current month, your tool kit information will be included in your welcome email.
We welcome everyone's input. Politics is not a spectator sport; you have to get into the game!
Thank you,
Taylor Aguilera,

New website and online community announced to help us beat Trump here in Florida!

Check out this new Website!


Please download, print and sign this important petition...
...and join the ranks of voters who care about making positive changes one step at a time.  You can turn in your signed forms at any Democratic meetings or events, at the Polk Democratic office at the address below, or mail to the address on the petition. (Please only sign each of these petitions once and sign with the same name and signature as is on your voter registration)

Bump stocks have just been made illegal and its time for Florida Voters to take the next step and band Assualt Weapons.  Do we really need another massacre of students like the recent Parkland killings?

The deadline for state verification of petitions for 2020 ballot initiatives is February 1, 2020.

We are working with Ban Assault Weapons Now (BAWN) and Make It Legal Florida, for the decriminalization of marijuana, in their final month's push to qualify for the ballot. Please do what you can to assist both of these campaigns get the additional signatures they need. Be sure to mark the petitions you collect with the appropriate Survey Responses in VAN so we capture this valuable data.

The Make It Legal FL campaign will drop ship petitions (200-500) directly to you. If you would like petitions shipped, please email the quantity you would like and your mailing address.

The Single Member Districts for Home Rule initative has been postponed until 2021 for logistical reasons.

¿hablas y escribes español?

¿Hablas y escribes español?
Necesitamos tu ayuda.
Por favor, llámenos al 863-668-7199

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Feb 13 - Roger Stone gets 40 months

Feb. 21 - Soto Addresses Water Problem in St. Cloud

Feb. 20 - Democrats Debate in Nevada

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