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We are guarding against voters suppression.

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While we are unable to safely hold events, in-person fundraisers, etc. due to COVID-19, our work has NOT stopped.
WE DO NEED DONATIONS to continue our work.
If you can, now is the time to donate and DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT. Click here to contribute

#DefeatTrumpFL     #DefeatTrumpPolk     #FlipFloridaBlue
All donations appreciated!

Congratulations to our delegates to the 2020 DNC Convention!

Congratulations to the delegates who were elected
in the following Congressional Districts that include Polk County: 
Congressional District 9
Biden Delegates
Grace Glasgow, Orange County
Brendan Ramirez, Orange County
Vivian Rodriguez, Orange County
Anthony Santiago, Osceola County
Joseph Braun, Polk County
Sanders Delegates
Christina Stewart, Osceola County
Megan Carter, Osceola County

Congressional District 15
Biden Delegates
Carlos Gamez, Polk County
Gamal Gasser, Hillsborough County
Dara Thomas, Hillsborough County
Sanders Delegates
Adraine “Vanessa” Lester, Hillsborough County
Samer Salhab, Hillsborough County

Congressional District 17
Biden Delegates
Sara Bisighini, Sarasota County
Norine Hemping, Sarasota County
Steven “Steve” Hemping, Sarasota County
Sanders Delegate
Ronald Smith, Lee County

Meet our candidates online This Thursday, May 28 at 7:00 PM




Recent News




Update From Terrie Rizzo, FDP Chair

By Terrie Rizzo, Chair From Florida Democratic Party
Our online DNC Convention District-Level Delegate elections have successfully concluded! Thank you to all of our wonderful candidates for taking part in this delegate election, and congratulations to the winners who are going to represent Florida at the Democratic National Convention in August. We
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Polk Democrats Welcome New Field Organizer!

By Mark Haver, Democratic Field Organizer, Polk County From Polk County Democrats
Hello, Polk County Democrats!My name is Mark Haver, and I am the new Field Organizer with the Florida Democratic Party for West Polk County. I look forward to meeting you! I was the President of Florida Southern College Democrats, and I have been working with FDP in Campus Organizing and
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Claude Holmes agrees to withdraw in Haines City

By Suzie Schottelkotte From ©The Ledger, Lakeland, FL
©The Ledger, Lakeland, FL By Suzie Schottelkotte BARTOW – Claude Holmes Jr. conceded Tuesday that his criminal convictions have rendered him ineligible to take the City Commission seat he won five weeks ago in Haines City’s municipal election. In a court hearing Tuesday,
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Update from Terri Rizzi, FDP Chair

By Terrie Rizzo, Chair From Florida Democratic Party
This week we salute the nurses and front-line workers who are literally risking their lives to take care of COVID-19 patients. They are truly the heroes of this tragic and horrendous pandemic. Without them, the human pain and suffering would be much worse. We also salute another group of heroes,
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Get your Biden For President Signs at the hours shown below

Lakeland Polk Democratic Office
1553 S Combee Road, Lakeland, FL
Dates, and times:
Saturday, May 23, 1 - 4PM
Sunday, May 24, 1-4 PM
Saturday, May 30, 1 - 4PM
Sunday, May 31, 1 - 4PM
Wednesday, June 3, 11-1 PM
Saturday, June 6, 1 - 4 PM
Sunday, June 7, 1-4 PM

Haines City Democratic Office
711 E Main Street, Haines City, FL
Dates, and times:
Saturday, May 23, 1 - 4PM

Sunday, May 24, 1-4 PM
Saturday, May 30, 1 - 4PM
Sunday, May 31, 1 - 4PM
Saturday, June 6, 10-12 NOON
Sunday, June 7, 1-4 PM

Joe Biden - Our 46th President!

get your Biden for President Yard Sign Now!
Let's all show our SUPPORT and make it happen!

Get your Joe Biden & "Get out the VOTE" materials at our offices
We have Biden Yard Signs for $5 each

We have "Save Your Neighbor — Get Out The Vote" masks.
$10 each

Joe Biden "Make America Sane Again" bumper stickers for $2 are coming soon.

You get these at either of our offices at the addresses and times shown above.

Please Cash or Checks only. Thank you for your support!

Campaign 2020 Monthly Awards - MAY 2020

As a part of our Campaign 2020 initiative each month we will be recognizing ONE club or caucus that has gone above and beyond in furthering our shared goals and ONE individual who has been an outstanding example of the "In It to Win It" attitude.

Winner of the outstanding Club or Caucus
Lakeland Democratic Club
Lakeland Democratic Club Meeting

Members of this club are leading the charge on our Neighbor to Neighbor campaign. They have always been very engaged in every effort that the Polk DEC has sponsored. 
Here's what there current President, Brian Jorgesen, has to say about the club,
"The Lakeland Democratic Club is committed to advocate for the ideals and values of the Democratic Party, to improve participation in the election process among Democrats and to support and elect Democratic candidates in all elections.  
We strive to have interesting meetings bringing in speakers to educate and inform our members of current issues which effect our city, state and country.  And, while doing this, still have fun and enjoy the company of like minded diverse individuals."

Winner of the Outstanding Individual(s)
Danette May and Judy Haberek

This dynamic duo is the epitome of the "In it to win it" attitude. Both ladies are Office Managers and were very instrumental in the development, staffing and support of both our Lakeland and Haines City offices. When not in the office these ladies were busy, before the days of the virus, knocking on doors as Block Captains and attending events to secure Voter Registrations. Today they are actively involved in every one of our virtual efforts to turn Polk Blue.
Congrats ladies you're an inspiration to all of us.

Precinct Committee Person Renewal Process Starts NOW!

"The most important job I ever held was that of Precinct Committeeman."

-Harry Truman
I took my oath, why do I have to do this now?
• Because it is a Presidential Election Year!
• This is required EVERY Presidential Election Year.
• Just that simple. It does not take a lot of time or effort.

2020 is the year that Precinct Committee Persons renew their oath to serve as a PC.
It is also when other Polk County Democrats can volunteer to run and serve as a PC in their Precinct.

The role of the Precinct Committee Person (PC) is at the core of political party activity. As a PC, you are a representative of the Florida Democratic Party in your precinct or neighborhood. Elections are truly won or lost in precincts, especially in Polk County, and PCs are vital to ensuring strong Democratic support for Democratic candidates and issues.

PCs are elected during the Primary election and serve a four-year term. PCs can also be appointed by the Polk DEC if there is a vacancy. Any registered Democrat is eligible to be a PC in the precinct where she/he lives if
they are willing to do the work!

To see a list of our current Precinct Committee Men and Women, CLICK HERE.

Apr 3 - Learn how to zoom!

May 18 - States begin to reopen

May 19 - Trump fires 4th investigator

Help Barbara Cady Qualify for her race in Florida House District 42!

Barbara Cady
(You MUST live in FL House District 42 to sign his petition; check your Voter Regstration card)

Help Chris Cause Qualify for his race in Florida House District 39!

(You MUST live in FL House District 39 to sign his petition; check your Voter Regstration card)

We're holding our meetings on ZOOM.US during the COVID-19 crisis

Each Polk County Democratic Club & Caucus
has its own individual unique ZOOM Meeting Link.
Club & Caucus Presidents will receive a direct email with their respective club or caucus meeting link info. Contact your club or caucus president or events chair for login info for each meeting.
Also, Standing Committee Chairs, if you feel the need to have your next committee meeting via ZOOM, please contact Scott Goodrich, DEC Secretary, with a 48-hour notice in advance, requesting a unique meeting link for your committee. 
Here is a link to a Youtube tutorial, on how to use ZOOM:
Please direct questions to Kathie Sutherland, DEC Chair, or Scott Goodrich.


Rainbow Ridge LGBTA Caucus
(Meeting Every 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 PM)

Polk County Young Dems
(Meeting Every 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 PM)

Women's Club of Lakeland
(Meeting Every 4th Monday of each month at 7 PM)    

Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Polk County
(Meeting Every 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM)    

Greater Winter Haven Democratic Club
(Meeting Every 4th Tuesday of each month at 7 PM)  

NE Polk Democratic Club
(Meeting Every 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM)

Lakeland Democratic Club
(Meeting Every 1st Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM.)

Lake Ashton Democratic Club
(Meeting Every 1st Thursday of each month at 4 PM.)

Lake Wales Area Democratic Club
(Meeting Every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 PM)  

Polk County Progressive Democratic Caucus
(Meeting Every 3rd Sunday of each month at 1 PM)

Disability Caucus of Polk County
(Meeting Every 3rd Sunday of each month at 5 PM) 

Cypress Lakes Democratic Club
(Meeting Every 3rd Monday of each month at 7 PM)

Coronavirus COVID-19 precautions to take

Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance
What the Next 18 Months Can Look Like, if Leaders Buy Us Time

As your Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, your safety is my greatest concern. With new cases of the coronavirus COVID-19 announced daily in Florida, my department is working to reduce the risk of its spread by making sure places that millions of Floridians visit daily -- like grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations -- are following best sanitation and food safety practices.

Our department is working with businesses to ensure that they are sanitizing shopping carts and basket handles, offering sanitizing supplies to customers, and that food stores are following food safety guidelines.

Everything counts when it comes to limiting the spread of viruses.

Watch how it speads, click here.

Studies have shown that human coronaviruses can live on surfaces like plastic, glass, or metal for up to nine days. Here are some things you can do as consumers to protect yourselves and others.

• Wipe down surfaces with disinfecting wipes at the gas pump, in the gym, at the coffee shop, or any public place. Don’t reuse the wipe.

• Apply hand sanitizer to your hands after pumping gas or wash hands for at least 20 seconds or more with soap. Wash your hands often -- before preparing food, after coughing or touching a pet -- for at least 20 seconds with soap. Use disposable products to dry your hands or wash reusable cloths at 140 degrees Fahrenheit after each use.

• Wash your hands even when wearing gloves. Germs can spread to hands when removing gloves.

• Disinfect and dry commonly-used surfaces like countertops and cutting boards, because dampness can help viruses survive and thrive.

If you have questions about the public health impacts of COVID-19, please call the Florida Department of Health's 24/7 COVID-19 Call Center at 1 866 779 6121
or email

We’re continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely, and being proactive in protecting consumers and businesses.

Thank you,

Nikki Fired,
FL Ag Commissioner

Polk County Democratic Headquarters announced temporary hours due to COVID-19 guidelines

When the crisis is over we will return to our regular office schedule.
Temporary Office Hours:
Lakeland Polk Democratic Office
1553 S Combee Road, Lakeland, FL

Dates, and times:
Wednesday, June 3 – 11-1 PM

Haines City Democratic Office
711 E Main Street, Haines City, FL

Dates, and times:
Thursday, May 21 – 4-6 PM
Saturday, June 6 – 10-12 NOON

Thank you for doing your part to help control
the MAGAvirus pandemic!
Polk County Florida Democrats

(863) 668-7199

Polk County DEC Chair:
Kathie Sutherland

Click here to see what Polk County Democrats stand for!

Democracy is not a spectator sport!  Please donate or volunteer today.

Polk County Democrats Announce new digital media program

We have been working diligently on our new
Digital Dem Drivers program as we FOCUS 2020.

Click this link: 
to view the application for those who wish to join our DDD campaign.

Digital tool kits will be sent at the beginning of each month. If you fill out the application after the tool kit has already been blasted for the current month, your tool kit information will be included in your welcome email.
We welcome everyone's input. Politics is not a spectator sport; you have to get into the game!
Thank you,
Taylor Aguilera,

New website and online community announced to help us beat Trump here in Florida!

Check out this new Website!

¿hablas y escribes español?

¿Hablas y escribes español?
Necesitamos tu ayuda.
Por favor, llámenos al 863-668-7199

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on the "FIND EVENTS" button.

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Our strength derives from our diversity.
Polk County Democrats believe in a strong sense of community.
    We are working to improve the lives of everyone who lives in our county, state and nation by promoting issues and candidates that provide for the common good of all people.