Kendrick Meek Rebuttal

You may have heard about the story today concerning a former Miami-based staff person who worked for Kendrick and abused his position of trust and authority years ago. The story appeared May 15, 2010 in the Miami Herald and the individual in question no longer works for Kendrick's office and hasn't for years. Kendrick did not know about his actions and there is a reason this individual is no longer on his staff. We view this as a non-issue.

Jeff Greene, the last minute entry candidate into the U.S. Senate race and a billionaire who got rich on the backs of middle class Floridians, is now seeking to make this story a campaign issue. Greene enriched himself by pioneering risky investment products Warren Buffet called "financial weapons of mass destruction" that helped cause the economic collapse, which has hurt so many Floridians. He now sits on a mountain of dirty money and is trying to buy a U.S. Senate seat. Floridians won't allow him to do so.

Kendrick is working hard to rebuild Florida's economy and bring new, long-term jobs to our state. Kendrick is the only progressive in the race and, in the general election, he will be facing two conservative opponents, Governor Charlie Crist and Speaker Marco Rubio. Kendrick is in a great position to win in November and become Florida's next U.S. Senator.

Kendrick is fighting hard for all of us, and he needs us to fight alongside him.

Let's work hard and win.


Abe Dyk
Campaign Manager
Kendrick Meek for Florida


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