Critical offices are up for election in the Florida Primary on August 18th.

Sat, Jul 25, 2020

Florida Primary Races

IMPORTANT REMINDER - Number One - If you are already registered to Vote by Mail, you have your ballot by now and it's postage free to return.  If you've already sent in your ballot, that's GREAT!  If not, we can make it easier for you with recommendations in the nonpartisan races as outlined below.  

IMPORTANT REMINDER - Number Two - If you are NOT registered to Vote by Mail, go to or call the Polk County Supervisor of Elections at (863)534-5888 and register to Vote by Mail.  Don't be forced to choose between your vote and your health.  Voting by Mail is safe, secure, and convenient - an insurance policy that protects your ability to vote no matter what catastrophe might occur. The deadline to register to VBM for the primary is August 8.

These critical offices are up for election in the August 18th Primary. 

Our Supervisor of Elections maintains the integrity of the election process and advocates for the voting rights of all citizens.  VOTE for experience, excellence in performance, and a history of being bipartisan and fair in this race.  

Our School Board determines the education, safety, and well-being of our children and teachers, including such challenges as how to proceed in a Covid crisis.  We need School Board members who CARE.
We strongly recommend these candidates:

Make your own decision by listening to the candidates in 2 upcoming forums.
Monday, 7/27/20 at 7 PM for School Board
Tuesday, 7/28/20 at Noon for Supervisor of Elections

See details below. 

If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer or donate, please visit The Polk County Democrats website at We are an all volunteer organization that does NOT get financial assistance from the state or national Democratic Party. We are boots-on-the-ground. Paid for and approved by Polk County Democratic Party

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