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Wed, Oct 2, 2019

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October 1, 2019
Hellooo Polk County Democrats
Wow, we have 10 days until Democrats from all over the State of Florida converge at the Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando. I have just a few updates for you since my last newsletter. I hope you are getting excited about attending the FDP Convention.I know I am. We have 60 delegatesgoing to the Convention from Polk County!
Convention Sign Decorating Event Oct. 5
Every county is required to bring a sign to identify where they will be seated during Convention. We have made the upright pole the tree -with places for attachments and decorations. We have a great idea for decorating it, but we will need some extra hands. If you want to help, please join us on Saturday, October 5, from 11-2pm at the NEW DEC office location, 1553 S. Combee Rd, in Lakeland. (Same strip mall, just a different office.) We will have some refreshments, and other craft items needed. If you are creative, or just want to come and see what we are doing, please join us. You’ll have an opportunity to meet some of the other delegates who will be attending as well.
Alternative Dinner Options Saturday Night
We have found a fun dinner spot that will accommodate our group and dietary needs.It is called Ford’s Garage, and many of you may know it, there is a location in Lakeland. Take a look at the menu on the website: they don’t take reservations, they do have “call-ahead” seating, and we will take care of that for everyone who is planning to go with us.At the Convention on Saturday, we will follow up with everyone who has expressed an interest in joining us and will call that number in to the restaurant. We must have at least half of the group present at the restaurant before they will seat us. Please make sure that you let us know on Saturday that you want to have dinner with us.If you haven’t yet decided, please take a minute to reply to: with “Yes, I’m interested” or “No, I’m not interested.” Please use this email address only for this item about the dinner.

Reminder: The deadline for Resolutions is Wednesday, October 2 at 12:00 noon.The FDP Resolutions Committee will review proposed resolutions and send to the floor of the State Conventionno more than 15 issue-based resolutions to beconsideredby the Convention delegates. There is no limit to the number of Commemorative Resolutions that will be considered. Please read the full rulesof procedure if you are interested in submitting a resolution for consideration.

Proposed resolutions must be submitted bya registered delegate and be either issue-based or commemorative.

AccommodationsIf you haven’t yet made your plans for staying in Orlando,here is a link for many options in the Disney/Lake Buena Vista area. Many people from Polk are planning to drive to the venue each day. We have heard that parking will be free at the resort, but you will probably need to show IDat the gate for confirmation as a delegate. I haven’t heard final details yet on the parking situation, but previous experience tells me that they may have other parking with shuttle service once the main lots are full. Stay tuned for more details on that.

Links and other information
This helpful link will give you most of the information from the FDP that you see above. It does not have the information related to the DEC options.
Is the link for all things Polk DEC.

The State Party,
has started using their list of delegates to communicate to you, but I will always be a resource for you locally. Feel free to contact me if you have a question.I hope you can join us to work on our sign, October 5, 11-2 at the office. It’ll be fun.

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