A Message from our DEC Chair Kathie Sutherland

Mon, Aug 12, 2019

Florida Politics

We have had an eventful month marked by both hope and tragedy.  What could be more tragic than 3 mass shootings in a week, and 2 within 24 hours.

Enough is enough! Our legislators have failed to act, and now for these victims and their families it is too late. We must hold our elected officials accountable. The crisis starts at the top with our president promoting hate, racism, and divisive politics. But the GOP, especially Mitch McConnell, are also enablers. In fact, right here in Polk, Ross Spano in CD 15 and Greb Steube in CD 17 both voted against 3 common sense gun laws.

But there is hope as well. Mueller clearly stated that Trump was NOT exonerated, and when he is no longer in office, he can be tried for his crimes. The House is gathering information to determine if they should move forward with impeachment.

We heard the second debates of 20 Democratic presidential candidates. It wasn’t pretty since they attacked each other. I have my favorites, but I can state without reservation, that any one of them would be a better president that #45. I plan to vote for whoever wins the primary, even if he/she isn’t my first choice. I sincerely hope you will do that as well. Not voting or choosing a third-party candidate could give the election to Trump.

Finally, I have hope because of the energy I see all around me. Democrats are coming forward to volunteer in the office or in their neighborhoods. They’re making phone calls, knocking on doors, registering voters, and donating more than they have ever donated before.

Polk is a swing county in a swing state. If we can increase the Democratic turnout in Polk, we can ensure that Florida’s 29 electoral college votes will go to the Democratic candidate.  Join Team Blue or Donate Today.


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