Fri, May 17, 2019

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’’Residents packed the Osceola County chambers Monday afternoon demanding local officials halt incoming shipments of coal ash from Puerto Rico to a private landfill. This coal ash controversy united dozens of people from around the Central Florida region who delivered more than an hour of public comment. Speakers spanned racial and cultural lines. Liberal environmentalists from Winter Park sat beside rural St. Cloud natives; Puerto Rican mothers and grandmothers spoke out in opposition alongside scientists and Congressional representatives. Ethical concerns are being raised about Fred Hawkins Jr., due to his strong personal ties to the company contracted to handle the toxic coal ash from Puerto Rico. Fred Hawkins’ family profits through landfill royalty payments. And the waste management company has also donated to his past political campaigns, including most recently in late March to fund his State House District 42 run. Hawkins also worked at the JED landfill for years and maintains friendships with many solid waste industry officials.” ~ Osceola News Gazette, May 14, 2019.
This man is my opponent for the seat representing district 42 in the state house in 2020 and currently sits on the Osceola County Board of Commissioners. His comment about this controversy was... “Every time we turn on a light switch, we are producing coal ash.” He is in a lot of hot water with the voters over this issue.
Please help me defeat this unethical anti-environmentalist in 2020. I need your help to defeat my opponent for the State House in District 42. He is a menace and we can’t allow him to become a Representative in the FL State House. His unethical behavior may have dire consequences on the people of Florida.
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Environmentally yours,
Barbara Cady

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