Help elect Democrat Jose Vasquez, HD-58 Special Election in Hillsborough County

Sat, Dec 2, 2017

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Democrats - This is notice of a special election on Dec. 19.  They need our help in flipping that seat to BLUE

Let's pull together to elect Democrat Jose Vasquez in the HD-58 Special Election in Hillsborough County & #FlipThe58thBlue, too! 

19,076 VBM ballots dropped on November 14 & getting them in is crucial. This is a winnable seat and every D vote will be important -- please make calls personally, post on FB, & get your phonebank teams going from now through Election Day on December 19.

The Virtual Phonebank link is now up on

the FDP website:
Or just go to the website at and scroll down to phone bank.

Here is additional info from Hillsborough Chair Ione Townsend:

Jose Vazquez is a Puerto Rican American. He is running on a progressive platform of A BETTER Tomorrow TODAY

- better jobs with better wages (support increasing the minimum wage in first year to $12 with goal of $15)

- better gun laws to keep our communities safer

- better health insurance for all

- better funding of our public schools

Note: Jose has a felony record: for nonmoving traffic tickets (5): perfect poster child for felon rights restoration. When you are brown, you are targeted. He was caught up in a criminal justice system stacked against minorities, people of color, and the poor. Fortunately he received clemency from then Gov. Crist and has his civil rights back. HE will be a strong advocate for reform of our systems.

I believe flipping this seat would take away the veto proof margin the Rs have at this time.

Thank you for your help.


For any questions, contact Ione at 813-638-2261,

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