Please download, print and sign each of these petitions...
...and join the ranks of voters who care about making positive changes one step at a time.  You can turn in your signed forms at any Democratic meetings or events, at the Polk Democratic office at the address below, or mail to the address on the petition. (Please only sign each of these petitions once and sign with the same name and signature as is on your voter registration)

Bump stocks have just been made illegal and its time for Florida Voters to take the next step and band Assualt Weapons.  Do we really need another massacre of students like the recent Parkland killings?

Proposed Home Rule Charter Amendment a.k.a. "Single Member Districts"
This initiated by a non-partisan, non-special interest group of grassroots supporters who believe that county commissioners should ONLY be elected by the voters IN THEIR DISTRICT has been postponed to 2021 for logistical reasons.