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Bill Rufty's Love Letter to Rep. Putnam

Thu, Jul 29, 2010 - 05:30 AM

Posted by Eric Saporito in Florida Politics

In Sunday’s Ledger, Bill Rufty wrote a shameless love letter to Congressman Adam Putnam(R-Bartow). Congressman Putnam is out raising Scott Maddox in the Agriculture Commissioner Race by taking money from the special interest groups in Washington D.C. and Florida – as he always has. Congressman Putnam has always served the big money interests – not consumers of Florida nor the people of Polk County – and he is not who we want representing us in Tallahassee!
Congressman Putnam comes from a wealthy family and pretends to be a farmer, but he has been away from the family farm since he graduated from high school. Then, he went away to college and then moved to Tallahassee, and now for the past 10 years he has lived in Washington D.C. You can’t be a real farmer and a full-time politician. And, Congressman Putnam has always chosen Republican interests over farming and the people of Polk County-where's the bacon Congressman Putnam? What did you do for Florida and Polk County when you served in Congress?
Mr. Maddox’s background is more consumer advocate than farmer- but he is more in line with what real Floridians need and deserve representing them as Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  That is why concerned Florida Democrats are voting for Scott Maddox this November and urge you to do the same- for Florida.

Mr. Maddox was also endorsed by prominent organizations in Florida; Law Enforcement Leaders; the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans; the Florida Education Association; the Florida AFL-CIO; and the F.O.P. according to his Website. Mr. Maddox's mentor was Mallory Horne, the former general cousel for the Department of Agriculture. Mr. Maddox's passion is serving the interests of Floridians and not the Republican mantra.

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