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24th April 2019


*****Action Alert*****

Two votes are needed to vote down Parent Empowerment (Jeb Bush/Michelle Rhee/Rick Scott legislation). We need to convince Ronda Storms and Mike Fasano to vote NO on SB 1718. This bill will end public education as we know it in Florida. It will allow private corporations to raid public resources and profit at our children's expense. PLEASE call today (Sunday) and Monday morning and ask these Senators to vote NO. The bill passed Budget Committee this morning, and the GOP, lead by J.D. Alexander, wouldn't even allow sensible amendments. They took the vote, then allowed public testimony. Please tell Sen. Storms and Sen. Fasano that this bill would do nothing to guarantee better opportunities for children. All Florida parent groups oppose this bill, including the PTA. Those testifying in favor of it were flown in from California. Storms: (850) 487-5072; Fasano: (850) 487-5062; Sen. Norman: (850) 487-5068.

Thank you for your support.