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25th June 2019

Polk County D.E.C. Newsletter
From Site Administrator, Eric Saporito


Florida Teacher Pay Heads to the Bottom
Report estimates the state will fall to 47th in the nation.
By Ron Matus; St. Petersburg Times
Published: Friday, February 18, 2011 at 11:16 p.m.

Florida teachers are on their way to becoming among the worst-paid in the nation.

For the 2009-10 school year, average teacher salaries in Florida fell to No. 37
among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, and estimates for 2010-11
show them falling to No. 47, according to a national report released this week.


Train wreck of a governor
A Times Editorial by Andy Marlette | Pensacola News Journal
In Print: Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott rashly acted in his own political interests and sacrificed the best interests of Florida Wednesday by rejecting federal money for a high-speed rail line between Tampa and Orlando. It is a reckless, devastating decision that has nothing to do with the merits of rail and everything to do with Scott's obsession with courting the tea party movement and
fighting the Obama administration.

A note about our recall bill...

By Rep. Rick Kriseman

Being just one guy in the minority in the Florida Legislature, sometimes all I can do is start a conversation. Given the hyper partisanship in Tallahassee, the likelihood of any of my ideas being well-received is almost nil. But I do believe in the power of the citizenry, in your ability to assist me and to affect change on your own. If the legislature is not willing to make better decisions and address the corruption, the people should. You never know, maybe my Republican friends will surprise me and move this legislation along. They should. It's good, sensible policy and those of us who are honest and decent public servants have nothing to worry about.

To read the joint bills, HJR 785 and HB 787, click here>>.

President Obama's Weekly Address: Winning the Future at Intel


The President speaks from the Intel campus in Oregon about educating our kids for the jobs of tomorrow so we can make sure America wins the future.


A Message From Senator Bill Nelson:


A bipartisan group of the state's political and business leaders have pursued high-speed rail in Florida for decades, because it means more than $2.4 billion in economic aid, thousands of construction jobs and a modern transportation link between several of the state’s largest cities. That’s why I support it. I’m joined by state lawmakers and many members of Florida's congressional delegation, who also question the governor’s decision to kill high-speed rail. One is U.S. Rep. John Mica, the Winter Park Republican who chairs the House Transportation Committee. Also, federal transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a Republican, has expressed disappointment. If Florida doesn’t take the money, another state will. So, some of us will look for ways to save the rail project. Read Sentator Nelson's Press Release>>

Read Senator Nelson's Special Article in The St. Petersburgh Times>>

From: St. Petersburgh Times*The Miami Herald*Politifact

Mike Haridopolos breaks silence on high-speed rail, then switches position
Some conservatives praised the governor for sticking to his anti-spending principles, and a handful of Republicans offered tepid statements that resembled support for Scott. Kind of, anyway.
Then there was Republican Senate President Mike Haridopolos, a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2012.
Haridopolos said -- nothing.
Finally, on Feb. 18, Haridopolos issued a written statement.
He was siding with Scott. ReadMore>>


Stand in solidarity against Walker's radical proposal and threats - sign the open letter

Gov. Walker has threatened to call out the National Guard against workers who protest his radical plan to cut benefits of middle class workers and strip them of their rights.  Stand in solidarity with tens of thousands of workers who have been protesting  -- sign the open letter>>
The Governor’s decision to ask the Wisconsin National Guard to be prepared for a fight against nurses, teachers, and other public employees puts Wisconsin firmly on the wrong side of history. The idea that a governor can use the military to impose his personal, political will on the people he governs is a primitive relic of the past – one that resulted in almost a century of bloodshed in this country. It must not be repeated again. ReadMore>>

News Alert: Democratic

No Floridian can afford more budget cuts. There is a better way. It's time to Awake The State on March 8th. Join Us!

It's time to Awake The State with local rallies around throughout Florida urging our state legislators to reject budget cuts and invest in Floridians again.

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Upcoming Meetings:

Polk County Democratic Executive Committee will meet on, Monday, March 14th 7:00pm in the County Commissioner's Chambers, Bartow. All are invited to attend.

 Greater Winter Haven Democratic Club will meet on Tuesday, February 22nd, 7:00 p.m. at the Southwest Complex. All Democrats are invited to attend.

Lake Wales Democratic Club will meet on Monday, Febrary 21st, 7:00 p.m. at the B Street Center. All Democrats are invited to attend.

Young Dems  will meet Thursday, February 24th, at 7:30 p.m.  Contact Jessica Barrett for Location: (863)207-5330 or



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