Rep.Darren Soto gets 100% on defending the enviornment

Mon, Mar 5, 2018

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The League of Conservation Voters released their scorecard recently and Rep. Darren Soto (D-FL9) scored 100% -- the only Florida Member of Congress to get a PERFECT SCORE on defending the environment.
He is honored and proud to have the support of Americans who want clean air and water, who enjoy the outdoors and want to protect it for generations to come. Polluters won't stop attacking these protections.
Rep. Soto has stood up for the environment his entire career. It's not always glamorous or in the news, but he gets conservation projects done in Central Florida, and exposes the bad guys. 
His bill protecting the Kissimmee River and Northern Everglades looks headed for passage. He recently got a senior Interior Department official to publicly admit that oil drilling in Florida's waters is not really "off the table" like Secretary Zinke tried to claim.
To protect and restore the natural beauty of our planet is a lifelong passion for many of Darren's supporters in Polk County. Darren is a certified SCUBA diver and his wife, Amanda, is a SCUBA instructor. She loves running, biking, and swimming outdoors in Florida. We all love Darren for how much he cares about keeping the outdoors pristine for all of us. 
Conservation requires constant vigilance, uncovering and exposing the polluters and their schemes. So he's need our ongoing support.
We can stop some of the worst damage Trump is trying to do now. And we can begin to reverse it if Democrats take back the House in November. Keeping Darren Soto in Congress is a great start!

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