On March 14th students across the nation and Polk County will walk out for 17 minutes

Wed, Mar 7, 2018

Florida Politics

Let's Stand Together

in Lakeland!

On March 14th students across the nation and in Polk County will walk out of their schools for 17 minutes to draw attention to the need for gun law reform. 

Please support our brave young people by showing up and showing them that WE HAVE THEIR BACKS!

In preparation for the March 14 walkout, the Democratic Wmen's Club of Lakeland is hosting a poster party.  Bring some blank poster boards, your crafty hands and creative ideas.  It is always productive to create together as a team.

Join us on Sunday, March 11th
1pm until 4pm
4302 Forest Hills Drive in Lakeland.

  • Let's be there for our kids when they make their stand.
  • Let's show them they do matter.
  • Let's show Ross, Stargel, Grimsley, Killebrew, Burton, and even Neil Combee's chosen NRA darling, Josie Tomkow, that all of their NRA blood money can't stop the Blue Tsunami! #Blunami2018

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