Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida Announces Endorsements

Mon, Aug 8, 2016

Florida Primary Races

August 8, 2016  
Tampa, FL -  Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida President Susan Smith has released the following statement:

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF) is pleased to announce its first round of endorsements in the 2016 election cycle. We are offering endorsements in races from US Congress to city commission to highlight the champions who will represent the interests of everyday Floridians in the upcoming election.

The endorsement questionnaire covered a wide variety of topics, including charter and voucher school accountability, transportation, gun safety, climate change, and Medicaid expansion. Our caucus is committed to implementing progressive policies at all levels of government as a way to enhance Floridians' quality of life. This election season is an opportunity for us to spotlight candidates who will carry those policies forward.

We have reviewed the voting records and questionnaires of candidates, and assessed the strength of their campaigns. We do not endorse in every race and our endorsement is a recommendation that indicates a candidate is a progressive champion and that he/she is running a strong and competitive campaign. Recognizing that there may be more than one good choice in a race, DPCF endorsements are non-exclusive. Gerrymandering creates situations where good progressive Democrats must often compete to serve.

We applaud all the Democratic candidates who threw their hats into the ring this cycle. Running for office is a huge undertaking and they are to be commended. Too many seats have gone unchallenged in prior election cycles and we are grateful for our Democratic candidates' commitment to the political process.

Our endorsed candidates are:

US House of Representatives
Susannah Randolph, Congressional District 9
Jonathan Chane, Congressional District 18
Tim Canova, Congressional District 23

State Senate
Rick Roach, District 13
Frank R Alcock III, District 23
Frank Cirillo, District 23
Jeff Clemens, District 31
Dwight Bullard, District 40

State House
Alex Barrio, District 48
Amy Mercado, District 48
Carlos Guillermo Smith, District 49
Sean Shaw, District 61
Manny Lopez, District 74
Ross Hancock, District 115

Mike Shlasko, Sarasota County Charter Review Board, District 5
Nan Rich, Broward County Commission, District 1
Michael Udine, Broward County Commission, District 3
Dale V.C. Holness, Broward County Commission, District 9
Robin Bartleman, Broward County School Board, At Large 9
Teresa Williams, Broward County State Attorney
Mitch Ceasar, Broward County Clerk of the Circuit Court
Renata Castro, City of Margate Commission, Seat 2
Mitchell Stollberg-Appleyard, City of Oakland Park Commission  

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is an official charter of the Florida Democratic Party.  
CONTACT: Susan Smith, 813-390-3616

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