Greg Williams withdraws from CD15 Race

Tue, Mar 20, 2018

Florida Primary Races

Greg Williams said...
When I joined the race for US House of Representatives last spring it was because of the need we have had in this district for real representation for every person in our community. Dennis Ross’ refusal to place the people of our district before his party allegiance and personal political ambitions, his support of corporate profits over the health and welfare of his constituency, and his unwillingness to meet and listen to the people he was elected to represent, has disqualified him to use the the title representative. We deserve so much more and must demand so much better.

Based upon the close elections this spring, it is clear that the only way to get real representation in Washington is to unite our efforts and our energy in support of candidates who will listen to their constituents, will act with the people’s best interest in mind, and will be truthful and diligent in pursuit of doing the job of representing our District. The time for egos and personal agendas is past. It is now imperative that we all unite and demand change.

Because it is more important to unite for change than to spend our time and resources challenging each other, I am stepping out of the race and will be supporting and working to help elect Andrew Learned as District 15’s representative in Congress. I have spent almost a year getting to know the candidates in this race and believe Andrew Learned to be forthright and honest, willing to listen and learn, and capable of building an inclusive, grass roots campaign that can help bring respectability and accountability to a Congress that has lost its way.

To those who have supported my candidacy with your time, energy, and advise, I offer my sincerest thanks and appreciation. I love “America’s most generous city”, Lakeland, and those with whom I am fortunate enough to share it. Thank you for being my friends, thank you for being my neighbors, but most of all, thank you for your selflessness in serving one another.

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