Candidate Training September 16-17

Tue, Sep 5, 2017

Florida Primary Races

You can NEVER get too much training!
Here's an amazing opportunity in Lake County, thanks to the Janet Reno Grant provided by the Florida Democratic Party. Join DPCF members Helen Strain and Katy Burnett, as well as long-time progressive friends John Rowley and Selene Hofer-Shall and more.
A message from the Lake County DEC, the hosts of this event:
Don't miss a fantastic training for candidates, potential candidates, and campaign volunteers! The training will be held in Lake County on September 16th and 17th.  It's called the Campaign Training Academy. The price is incredibly low ($50, but $40 for early registrants) because the training is partially funded by a grant from FDP. We have seats for 100 attendees.       
  • Great topics! Great tips on running a modern campaign!
  • Taught by top campaign consultants from around the country
  • An incredibly low price, thanks to the FDP grant and the generosity of the trainers, the Lake-Sumter College Democrats, and the Lake County Democratic Party
  • For Democrats only - Seating limited to 100 attendees
  • Includes 140-page training manual
  • Must register by September 9th
Registration form available here.

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