Working Floridians Are Going Without Healthcare!

Wed, Aug 15, 2018

Florida Politics


By Catherine Price, Candidate for
Florida Senate District 26

The current healthcare trainwreck has been coming for a long time. The Rick Scott administration in Tallahassee has done a great job of helping companies make money on healthcare. And Rick Scott knows about helping healthcare companies make money:  (  Yet, the actual people that need healthcare are suffering. For twenty years I have advocated for healthcare for the working people of Polk County.  If you elect me to be the Senator for District 26 - I will make you my primary concern. I will support healthcare legislation that improves ACCESS, EQUITY, QUALITY and AFFORDABILITY of healthcare for ALL Floridians.  

Healthcare for All

*  Reduce the Healthcare Squeeze on Middle-Class Floridians

*  Expand and Reform Medicaid in Florida

*  Fund and Respect the Vital Work of the Florida Health Department

*  Protect Residents of Long-Term-Care Facilities With Actions, Not Words

*  Bring Florida's Mental Health Services to National Standards

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