A Message from Ryan Torrens, Democratic Candidate for FL Atty. General

Wed, Dec 20, 2017

Florida Politics

It's time we elect an attorney general with the courage to hold Big Pharma accountable for its role in our current opioid crisis.

For years, the big opioid manufacturers have been pushing misleading advertising to sell as many opioid prescription painkillers as possible. Now our state is in a full-blown addiction crisis, and last year we lost 5,725 fellow Floridians to opioid-related deaths.

To date, the current Attorney General, Pam Bondi has refused to hold Big Pharma accountable for its actions. Today, the Tampa Bay Times published a compelling article about our campaign and our promise to hold Big Pharma accountable. Click here to read it.

My promise is that I will hold Big Pharma accountable and proceeds from our lawsuit woud be directed to substance abuse prevention and treatment programs. Let's face it, it's wrong for the taxpayers to have to foot the whole bill for this crisis when the drug companies manufacture this stuff and have lied about its addictive qualities for years on end.

Our people are fed up with petty politics and are looking for someone with courage. That's what we offer. Drug companies are putting profits before people. We need an attorney general who will put our people first.

I am declining any campaign contributions from Big Pharma because I need the freedom to do what's right as your attorney general. This means in order to win this campaign, I need your support!

Together, let's send a loud and clear message: if big drug companies are going to operate in our state, then they will follow our laws. If they don't, they will be held accountable!

Click here to chip in $27.00, $100, or $250 to help our people-powered campaign go the distance and win! 

Let's give 'em hell!

Ryan Torrens

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