Note from Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

Tue, Nov 29, 2016

Dear Members and Supporters:

I'm still in shock and very angry about the November 8th election. It's difficult to understand how so many of our fellow Americans could affirm Donald Trump's gross and outrageous behavior by giving him their votes. But they did, and now it's time to figure out the way forward.

Here's what we know:
Elections have consequences and we are about to experience the worst of those consequences. Trump is poised to roll back half a century of progress with his plans to kill the EPA, reduce regulations on banks, build a wall, deport immigrants, turn a blind eye to civil rights violations, ignore climate change, and kill the public schools. The first step in fighting back is to take action to deny Trump's choice of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.The Network for Public Education has set up a letter-writing tool that makes it easy to contact Senators Nelson and Rubio. Please use this tool to ask them to vote NO on Betsy DeVos. DeVos is a billionaire member of the far Christian right, who supports vouchers, deregulated charters, anti-gay policies and more. She must be stopped.

There's a US Senate race in Louisiana on December 10th. Democratic candidate Foster Campbell can win this seat. If you're able to go to Louisiana to work on the campaign on the weekend of December 8-9, please contact Pam Keith at, or 202-302-0383.

In less than two years, we can send a strong message by recruiting and preparing candidates to run for governor, US Senate, Congress, Florida Senate and House, county commissions, city councils and school boards. We must elect strong progressive local, state and national party leaders to build our campaign infrastructure. The DPCF issued a report in late 2015 outlining Strategies and Tactics for Electing Progressives. We plan to review and update this report over the holidays. Please read the current report and send me your feedback. The board wants your voices to be heard.

We must elect the best progressive leaders for the Florida Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee. As we did in 2013, we hope to provide a platform for members to ask questions of our FDP Chair candidates. Stay tuned for more information following local DEC reorganization meetings.

It is vital to be able to respond rapidly to legislative threats. When an action alert goes out, please take a few minutes to participate.

And finally, please join or renew your caucus membership for 2017, and get your like-minded friends to join also. Fighting back from this devastating loss requires us to keep pushing the party back to the people and away from corporate interests. We can only do that if we are a large enough force within. It's important to have both an inside and an outside strategy to build our movement, and we represent the inside strategy. Dues are only $25 for regular members, $10 for students. Associate non-voting dues are $10.

So let the battles begin!

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