Voters Should Vote for Accountability Regardless of Party Affiliation

Wed, Nov 2, 2016

I am a registered Independent. I have no direct affiliation with either the Democratic or Republican political party. By nature I tend to be conservative, coming from a family who wasted nothing, participated in strong family interaction and believed the accumulation of goods and services should be earned and not provided by the Government for free.  At the same time, I cherish democratic constitutional values, especially, the freedom of speech, human rights and helping those who cannot help themselves. Therefore, by default, it would be impossible for me to be a constituent of just one political party.
   Because of the nature of our form of government, it is imperative we consistently, have opposing parties in order to create legislation and enforce laws which are formulated from the compromise of the two political ideologies. It is for this reason, I believe members of the House & Senate, the President, the U.S. Attorney General in the case of the Federal Government and the members of the House & Senate, the State Attorney General & the Governor of the State Government should be balanced in terms of influence between the two major political parties. Our system of checks and balances requires a near, equal distribution of political party power. This prohibits either party from dominating the process with their party’s ambitions.  On November 8, 2016, voters in Polk County, Florida will play a role in determining the next U.S. President, Congressional Representatives in Washington, Representatives in the State Legislature and the outcome of proposed Legislation. Who becomes elected will directly, affect all citizens in our State, not just those in our County. However, what is more prudent for the voter than electing party loyalties is to elect individuals who remember why they were elected and those willingly to listen to their voters after they are elected.
   Through a strange set of circumstances I became involved in a controversy surrounding Florida Government and the unfair treatment of its citizens, mostly, men, with respect to Clerk of Court records vs. innocent victims in Civil Court Cases, a Polk County Sheriff ignoring unethical behavior by one of his detectives, failing to prosecute a Polk County Citizen who presented false testimony in a court of law and in a sworn, written affidavit and a mental health practitioner engaged in unethical practices while attempting to use her state license in a court of law to destroy the reputation of an individual she apparently, was angry with.
   Those of you who read the four part series I published recently, on the case investigation are aware; I requested direct intervention from various branches of our Government in Tallahassee. Some of these included Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General, Rick Scott, Governor of Florida and Celeste Phillip, Florida Surgeon General.  One would think; when a well educated, investigative journalist from Polk County requests a liaison from the Government for the purpose of presenting evidence and an investigation from our leaders in Tallahassee, including our local Board of County Commissioners on behalf of all Citizens in Polk County, your elected officials would respond, appropriately. For the record, no government official, either locally, or in Tallahassee has responded, in spite of repeated contact with their offices and representatives. None have returned my calls. Are these the same individuals we elected to represent us?
   When those we elect do not participate in accountability, it is time for change, regardless of party affiliation. I sent a communication to each candidate whose name appeared on the November 2016 sample ballot provided by the Polk County, Supervisor of Elections, Lori Edwards. I  requested each submit their response to the four part series I published in The Mulberry Press, concerning issues involving Sheriff Grady Judd’s refusal to answer questions concerning the controversy, a Polk County Citizen who was falsely accused of stalking and the consequences that individual incurred as a result. Their feedback indicated; we have one of the most corrupt local governments in the State of Florida where officials routinely, ignore the Public’s request for accountability. Folks, we cannot sustain this kind of local government in a civilized and ethical society. This is not what Polk County, Florida is about.
   It is not my purpose or intent to inform you, the reader, who you should vote for but it is my responsibility to inform you when those we elected have betrayed the public’s trust. Elected officials work for you, the People. They answer to you, the People. They have an obligation and duty to communicate with you, the People they represent who question their character, actions and judgement. Their salaries and compensation packages are provided by you, the Tax Payer. When  politicians do not respond to individuals in their electorate, it is time to replace them and that applies to the County Sheriff, the County Commissioner, the State Attorney, the Attorney General, the Governor and most importantly, representatives in the U.S. Congress and State Government who in addition, have the responsibility to hold the aforementioned accountable. This is evident from the voter’s disillusionment in our 2016 national election.
   Since it appears; local and state officials will not intervene in the Polk County Case, holding local and state elected officials accountable for their actions, it is my responsibility as a journalist to seek assistance from a national platform, soliciting the aid of fellow journalists throughout the country. I cannot help but feel this is an embarrassment on behalf of all Polk County Citizens but it must be done. You, the reader can do your part by voting for those who consider accountability to be obligatory. I hope to see you at the polls!
Frank E. Orzechowski
Investigative Journalist
Polk County, Florida

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