New computer applications to check your polling location

Sun, Oct 30, 2016

Historically the Poinciana Community Center, which houses precinct 412, and Tuscany Preserve (419) have been among our busiest precincts on Election Day. One of the contributing factors is Osceola County voters who are in the wrong line. That not only increases the line length, but takes the time and attention of election workers in the precinct.
There are new computer applications that make it very easy for voters to check their polling location, so I’m writing today to introduce you to them, in case members of your organization might want to help out on Election Day, by visiting with voters in line and showing them how to determine where to vote if they are unsure of their county or polling location.
-Voters can text VOTE or VOTO to 468-683 to find out where their polling location is
-Also, there is a website called Get to the Polls: or
-Finally, Google has been developing a “where do I vote” search for Election Day.
Of course, our website ( has a lookup tool also. Just click the “voter lookup” tool about halfway down on the right side of the home page.

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