Potential Democratic Party Poll Watchers

Fri, Oct 7, 2016

Hello, potential Democratic Party Poll Watchers:
Ellis Moose, Polk County Democratic Party Chairman, has asked that I help with recruiting Poll Watchers for the November 8th election.  Accordingly, I have looked up the list of Poll watchers in 2014, the current DEC list, and Club and Caucus members, and others, to have a starting point for recruiting from a group of people who are politically knowledgeable, interested, experienced, and have helped in the past.  If anyone on this list, or others, know a person who might be willing, please let me know, or contact them yourself. Thanks.

Ellis has put some information on Poll Watchers on the website “PolkDemocrats.org”.  The Poll Watcher sign up form is there.  Please look at this first, and consider volunteering, and/or helping with recruiting.

We have scheduled a Poll Watcher training session for 2PM on October 22nd at the Democratic Office at 1549 S. Combee, Lakeland.  Training will be by a Bartow attorney, and an attorney from Orlando.  We need to develop a list of Poll Watchers soon.  For Election Day, November 8th the Poll Watcher list must be in “No later than noon of the 2nd Tuesday before the election.” That is October 25th.

I would also like to have a few Poll Watchers at the early voting locations.  Early voting begins on October 24th .  For early voting the Poll Watcher list must be in “No later than noon at least 14 days before early voting begins.”  I calculate that to be October 10th.  I believe you can sign up to be a Poll Watcher at both early voting, and on election day.  I plan to.  

If, after reading this you have questions please call or e-mail me.  If you have not been a Poll Watcher before and are uncertain, please sign up, attend the training session, and if the task does not appeal to you may withdraw, or if you are willing continue on with the task.

Thank you for your consideration of this important task.
Best regards,
Paul Anderson
e-mail: jiandr@aol.com

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