Bob Doyel Grabs Endorsement of Democratic Veterans Caucus of Florida

Mon, Sep 5, 2016

Congratulations to Bob Doyel! You have been awarded the endorsement of the Democratic Veterans Caucus of Florida for your election to office. Please find the attached endorsement letter for your records and the endorsement logo, which may be used on websites, literature, or in any manner you see fit.

We are pleased to see so many veterans and others who take veteran issues seriously stepping up to serve in public office. It can only help the situation for veterans in this country to have you as an elected official so well aware of the issues facing them. I am a Vietnam Veteran and a former Volusia County Council Chair, and I understand the commitment running for office commands. My best wishes that your campaign meets with great success and that our endorsement may serve you. I appreciate your commitment to Veterans and the people of Florida.

Thank you for your service, then and now,
Phil Giorno, President
Democratic Veterans Caucus of Florida

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