Polk County Democrats Announce Candidacy of Debra Wright for State Senate District 22

Mon, May 16, 2016

May 9, 2016, at an Open House at Democratic Headquarters in Haines City, Debra Wright, former member of the Polk County School Board and long-time community advocate, announced that she would oppose incumbent state senator Kelli Stargel for the newly formed district 22 which encompasses approximately the north central third of Polk Count and southern portions of Lake County.

“Ms. Stargel’s record has shown a disregard of what is best for her constituents by writing laws and taking positions that are best for her corporate sponsors and bad for women,” said Wright on Monday night after he announcement.

“The law she wrote that would make it impossible for a judge to award custody of children in divorce cases to the more responsible parent was so poorly crafted even our Republican governor was persuaded to veto it,” she concluded.

Ruth Ann Eaddy, Polk County Democratic State Committeewoman said of Wright, “We are delighted to have such an outstanding community leader taking on one of our most misguided state legislators in this new district. Her candidacy fills out our slate and we can boast heving very well qualified candidates for each competetive office in Polk County!”

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