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Wed, Oct 21, 2015

The purposed, and role, of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida is to elect democrats to office in our local, county and state elections as well as the national campaigns. We of course would work with diligence to see that Hispanic candidates took their place among our elected officials to represent the special interest of our communities.

That stated we must also acknowledge that we will support and encourage Democratic candidates that represent the best interest of all residents in our communities regardless of their respective ethnic background.

I request that all my friends to zero in on the local and state democrats running for elected office in our County of Polk. As a CAUCUS we will not endorse any Democratic candidate that is running in a primary. Our open support will be evident following the primary election.

However we can support any candidate personally and as a Caucus if they are unopposed in their respective primary race.

The tidal wave of change to our present condition the Democratic Party and its progressive agenda can bring about will be successful if we pay particular attention to the local and statewide elections. I encourage you all to look at our candidates in Polk County, learn more about where they stand on the issues and contribute time and treasure where possible to see to it they are elected to the office they are pursuing.

Among the candidates running in Polk County are:
Robert Doyel - Florida House District 41
Nicolas Garcia - Florida House District 41
Shandale Terrell - Florida House District 40
Ricky Shirah - Lakeland City Commission
Debbie Ogzewalla - Winter Haven City Commission.

There are others... look them up and provide them with your moral, financial and physical support where possible.

Thank you all for your efforts...
Albyn Roman
President, PC-DHCF

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