Polk DEC Sets Voter Registration Drive

Wed, Jan 2, 2019

Florida Politics

One of our year-round goals is voter registration!  This year we have the opportunity to register approximately 45,000 felons in Polk County who have had their voting rights restored.  Bob Doyel has assembled a team to locate, educate, and assist felons to register to vote.  We need your help in this endeavor.  
The Polk DEC is a third party registrar, and many of you have already been trained to do voter registration.  If you have not yet been trained, we will include training at the Polk DEC Think Tank Meeting on Saturday, 1/5, following the formal meeting at 4 PM.  Special issues related to registering felons will be addressed.  If you have not yet signed up for the Think Tank Meeting at 1 PM, please do so here.  (Some announcements have landed in junk mail.)
There are currently 5 events planned in January for voter registration.  Please volunteer to help with whichever one works best for you in terms of location and time.  You will receive additional orientation and materials after you sign-up. 

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