Florida Recount Update - Tues., Nov. 13th

Tue, Nov 13, 2018

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FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo and Executive Director Juan Penalosa led a call last night with an update on the recount.

RECAP (Thanks to Vicki Roush, Jeff Greene, and various press accounts):
  • Machine recounts must be completed by Thursday, November 15th, then manual counts will be ordered, depending on the number of over- and undervotes.
  • Statewide candidates Nelson (down by 0.15) and Fried (up by .07) and Florida legislative candidates Cruz, Bonfiglio, and Henry will likely qualify for manual recounts. Gillum (down .41) likely will not unless the machine recounts and pending lawsuit results put him within range. The threshold for a manual recount is 0.25.
  • Governor Scott's lawsuit to impound the voting machines to prevent further counting was denied because there's no evidence of fraud.
  • A federal lawsuit has been filed in Tallahassee to challenge the signature mismatch process, which gives untrained workers the ability to toss ballots. This has been declared illegal in several states, including Texas. As many as 2% of ballots, primarily affecting young people and people of color, have been disqualified because of signature mismatches. Several thousand ballots are on the line.
  • Efforts to extend deadline for ballots delayed at Opa Locka processing center are underway based on the argument that overseas ballots can be received 10 days after Election Day, but ballots mailed in the US must be received by 7PM on Election Day.
  • The League of Women Voters of Florida filed a lawsuit to require Governor Scott to be removed from any election oversight role.


  • If you have signed up to volunteer, please answer unknown phone numbers. Personal phones are being used by those scheduling recount observers.
  • If you would like to volunteer and have not signed up, please sign up now. I think the deadline is fast approaching. Several of our small counties have no coverage!
Don't give up--This election isn't over yet!

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida 

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