Campaign Announcement from Victor Sims

Mon, Nov 12, 2018

Florida Politics

Hi, My name is Victor Sims! I am reintroducing myself from the 2016 election. I have been spending the last two years  advocating for our children in foster care. I have been traveling the state and the country to try to find ways to advance our child welfare system. One of the legislations that I helped to pass is the Family First Preservation Act. This act helps to focus on preserving children with their families. Our own congressman Darren Soto has helped with this by cosponsoring this legislation. (Biggest change in child welfare in 40 years.)
Because of your early support, our team is growing every day! It’s so humbling to see a new person sign up to be a part of the team, or a new fan on Facebook joining our movement to bring real change to our community.                    

I can’t thank you enough for all your help. We need to keep up the momentum, so I wanted to see if you’d invite your friends to join our team.
Click here and invite your friends to join us on Facebook. It’s free, it’s easy, and it helps us share our message. Three months ago we had less than 1100 people who liked our page. Today we are at almost 5100.

When we stand together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish! I want to be honest with you all. You supported me two years ago when it was an uphill battle. Well I have exciting news. I plan on putting my head in the ring to fight for our community. I have identified you as someone who care's for your neighbor.

This upcoming election that I will run in is not about me. It's about what we can do for the little boy who does not know if he is going to eat after lunch on Friday before he goes to school for breakfast on Monday. This election is about the person who is at Poinciana Medical Center fighting a battle with cancer and the fight of being uninsured because of their preexisting condition.  As we start off this election we know it can get scary, it can get tiring but it can also be life changing!

Yours in equality,

Victor Sims 

Click here to find out about the campaign announcement.

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