It's hard to believe that so many Floridians want to continue the divisive and dishonest politics

Thu, Nov 8, 2018

Election 2020

This is a difficult time for Florida. Despite significant efforts from campaigns and volunteers all over the state, we came up short. After the lessons of the 2016 election, it's hard to believe that so many Floridians want to continue the divisive and dishonest politics of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis.

We know we're better than this. We know Florida is a state full of hopes and dreams, a state where people want to see the best in their neighbors. The fact that our Florida lost on Tuesday only increases our resolve to fight for the progress we so desperately need.

Nothing we can say will ease the pain felt by all those hard-working Floridians who have poured their hearts and hopes into the election, yearning for a better future. All we can do is vow to assess the details of our wins and losses and keep fighting for the people. We urge our allies to conduct this review constructively and rationally so we can build an effective movement that enables all Floridians to succeed.

We offer our thanks to the Democratic candidates and the people who supported them. We're reminded that there are no easy wins. The challenges we face take planning and a long-term approach if we're going to succeed.

We applaud the progressive candidates who ran in all levels of office; we have never before seen such enthusiasm and embracing of our ideals. We are especially proud of and thankful to Mayor Andrew Gillum for his dedication and integrity over the past 18 months. Thanks to Gillum's energy and progressive message, we saw record turnout and are confident that progressives are the future of our party.

Despite the painful losses, Democrats made important gains, including the elections of more than 30 DPCF-endorsed candidates. These candidates offered their communities sensible progressive solutions that will improve the quality of life for their constituents.

A million and a half Floridians will have their civil rights restored. Voters - not the legislature - will now have control over casino gambling expansion. We've banned oil and gas drilling off of Florida's shores. And an end is coming to inhumane dog racing in our state.

We extend congratulations to all Democratic winners but are especially proud of those who applied for and received the DPCF endorsement:

Polk County

Sarah Fortney, Polk County School Board District 3

Florida Senate

Gary Farmer, State Senate District 34

Annette Taddeo, State Senate District 40


Florida House of Representatives

Geraldine Thompson, State House District 44

Anna Eskamani, State House District 47

Amy Mercado, State House District 48

Carlos Guillermo Smith, State House District 49

Adam Hattersley, State House District 59

Fentrice Driskell, State House District 63

Jennifer Webb, State House District 69

Michael Gottlieb, State House District 98

Dotie Joseph, State House District 108


Brevard County

Cheryl McDougall, Brevard County School Board District 2

James Alex Goins, City of Cocoa Council District 1

Daniel Batcheldor, City of West Melbourne Council


Broward County

Beam Furr, Broward County Commission District 6

Nora Rupert, Broward County School Board District 7

Joshua Simmons, Coral Springs City Commission Seat 4

Sabrina Javellana, Hallandale Beach City Commission Seat 2

Jane Bolin, Oakland Park City Commission

Justin Flippen, Wilton Manors Mayor


Duval County

James Cook, Duval County Soil & Water Conservation Group 5


Hillsborough County

Mariella Smith, Hillsborough County Commission District 5

Kimberly Overman, Hillsborough County Commission District 7


Leon County

Jeremy Matlow, Tallahassee City Commission District 3

Dianne Williams-Cox, Tallahassee City Commission District 5


Orange County

Johanna Lopez, Orange County School Board District 2


Palm Beach County

Debra L. Robinson, Palm Beach County School Board District 7


Pinellas County

Nicole Carr, Pinellas County School Board District 3


Volusia County

Barbara Girtman, Volusia County Council District 1

William Bliss, Volusia County Soil & Water Conservation District Seat 1

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is preparing for the road ahead, and we will need you there with us every step of the way. Don't give up, join us!

In solidarity,

Susan Smith

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is an official charter of the Florida Democratic Party.

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