¡Boricuas! – This Year Your Vote is Very Important!

Wed, Aug 22, 2018

Election 2020

Hurricane Maria was the worst natural disaster to hit the Island and people of Puerto Rico since the 1899 San Ciriaco Hurricane!  But the response of the Trump Administration is the worst response to the Island of any administration in American history!  First was the late response by the Trump administration and when they did respond, it took months to restore electricity, water, and medical aid to the Island.  It is almost 1 year since the disaster and there are still some areas on the Island who don’t have electricity.  The local Conservative Government first reported only 64 deaths due to the disaster to minimize the effect of the hurricane.  But months later because of pressure from the media and the people themselves, the Government changed the number to 1,427!  We Puerto Ricans and fellow Latinos are Americans and more important we are human beings!  We should not be over looked because of who we are -- Puerto Ricans! 

Now that we are here in Florida, it is important that our voice can be heard louder and make a greater difference in the local and Federal Government than on the Island.  We need to elect Democrats who support Latinos to change the Government so that it will benefit us here in Florida and benefit our loved ones on the Island of Puerto Rico!  We have to show the Trump Administration that we are not second-class citizens!  We are Americans!  It is so important to vote this November, to get your families and friends to vote to show the Republicans that we Puerto Ricans and Latinos are strong in the vote!  We need to vote Democratic all the way and let our voices be heard here in Florida and at the Federal Government.  We must let Trump’s Administration hear our voices

To register to vote, or to enroll Vote by Mail, you can call the Supervisor of Elections office at (863)534-5888, or go online at www.stampthevote.com.

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