Pending FDP Bylaws Changes

Mon, Apr 9, 2018

Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Bylaws have not been updated in nearly 40 years. Successive chairs have appointed ad hoc committees to bring us into compliance with Democratic National Committee (DNC) Rules, and to promote more diversity in our state leadership, but forces within the party have so far blocked those efforts.

The latest Ad Hoc Committee, appointed by Stephen Bittel, and reappointed by Terrie Rizzo, has presented proposals that will be voted on this weekend by the FDP Executive Committee at the Democratic County Chairs Association (DCCA) meeting in Orlando.

The most promising, yet controversial, proposal will change the weighted vote that gives the two large county representatives greater power than the two smaller county representatives. The changes will still allow those large counties to have more votes since they have more registered Democrats, but those votes will be carried by more representatives; therefore, allowing a larger more diverse delegation and a democratic one-person, one-vote system.

Some of DPCF members have created a website, a petition, and a Facebook page to support this proposal. Please read, sign, like and share. Feel free to contact Susan Smith with questions.

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Susan Smith
Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida
The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is an official charter of the Florida Democratic Party. 

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