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Tue, Jan 16, 2018

Senate Bill 444 - Vote NO!
We sent an alert out on this bill last week. Unfortunately it passed favorably from that committee on a 4-2 vote. We can try to stop it again this week in the Appropriations Committee, its last stop before a floor vote.
Please call Republican members of the Senate Appropriations Committee ASAP. The bill will be heard this Thursday, January 18th from 4pm - 6pm. Ask them to vote NO on spending taxpayers dollars for anti-abortion propraganda.
Bradley 850-487-5005
Flores 850-487-5039
Baxley 850-487-5012
Benacquisto 850-487-5027
Brandes 850-487-5024
Gainer 850-487-5002
Galvano 850-487-5021
Grimsley 850-487-5026
Passidomo 850-487-5028
Simmons 850-487-5009
Simpson 850-487-5010
Stargel 850-487-5022
This bill would codify the funding of fake medical clinics that give women inaccurate information about pregnancy and abortion.
CRC Meeting

The Constitution Revision Commission will meet this week in Orlando. This commission is making decisions now on the Constitutional amendments that will appear on our ballots in November. There are critical votes on two terrible proposals that we must fight against.
Proposal 4 - Reverses the current ban on tax dollars being used to fund religious institutions and causes.
Proposal 22 - Amends the Constitution to limit the rights of privacy "only to information and the disclosure thereof." This amendment would take away our right to privacy and open the door to further government intrusion into our bedrooms.
Contact info for CRC members:
Marva Johnson is thought to be a swing vote on the commission. Here phone number is (850) 792-6574 and her email is Marva.Johnson@flcrc.gov.
Please contact me for more information on the CRC or specific legislation.
Don't forget to join or renew your membership in the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida!

Thank you!

Susan Smith 
The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is an official charter of the Florida Democratic Party. 

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