Alma Gonzalez endorsed by the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida

Thu, Dec 7, 2017

Florida Politics

Noemi McGregor

DNC Member and Hillsborough Committeewoman Alma Gonzalez endorsed by the Democratic
Hispanic Caucus of Florida.

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida (DHCF) has announced that they have endorsed DNC
Member and Committeewoman Alma Gonzalez for Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.
We are proud to endorse Alma. She is the most qualified and diverse candidate to lead our party.
We are ready for a leader that understands our diverse communities and has been working to
empower them.

“Alma Gonzalez has the qualifications to lead our party. Her experience, hard work and extensive
networking will take us to the next level and ensure that no one gets left behind. Alma is the new ‘Soul’ of our party” said DHCF President Noemi McGregor.

The election of the Florida Democratic Party Chair will take place on December 9th in Orlando at the Rosen Hotel.

Who: Committee Woman Alma Gonzalez
When: Saturday, December 9thth, 2017
What: Endorsed by The DHCF for FDP Chair

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