Oppose the Graham-Cassidy Bill

Wed, Sep 20, 2017

U.S. Politics

This bill is yet another version of TrumpCare that defunds Planned Parenthood, cuts health care to an estimated 32 million and makes massive cuts to Medicaid. 

How do you oppose it? 
Call Senator Marco Rubio at (202) 224-3041.  Yes, I know we haven't much faith in him but the Medicaid cuts should make him pay attention. That should be the focus of the call.  

Here's a script you can use: 

Hi, my name is (Insert Name) calling from zip code (insert zip). I am very angry that the Senate is STILL trying to gut Medicaid and take health care away from millions of people. Senator Rubio, as a constituent, I'm asking you to NOT give your support to the Graham-Cassidy bill. This bill will be very bad particularly for Florida. 

If Senate Republicans can't get 50 votes before Sept 30th, it becomes much harder to pass as the rules change and they will need 60 votes. 

Let's make our voices heard. DO ONE THING and DO IT TODAY!

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