Act Now to Stop Medicaid Changes

Sun, Mar 19, 2017

Florida Politics

On February 22, 2017, the Florida House Subcommittee on Healthcare Innovation passed this Memorial calling on the White House to change the current Medicaid system to a Capitulated Block Grant system.  Among other things, this Memorial calls Medicaid a “stigmatizing welfare program” and asks for more (unspecified) freedom to make changes to the program.

Approximately 45% of all children in Florida are covered for healthcare services under  some form of Medicaid.  Florida has one of the lowest Medicaid per capita reimbursement rates in the U.S. Kaiser Family Fund outlines what is at stake from such a change to either a block grant or a per capital block grant for Medicaid.

Note: It was a party line vote – GOP for and Dems against.  

Sam Killebrew (R-Dist. 41–Winter Haven area) from Polk County was a Florida House Republican that voted for this memorial calling for a cut in Federal funding for Medicaid to Florida.  His phone is (850) 717-5041 - Tallahassee office
(863) 291-5254 - Winter Haven office
I encourage people in Polk County to contact Rep. Sam Killebrew’s office and request that he explain why he voted for this memorial. 

If you have a State Representative from your area that voted for this memorial please contact them and ask why they would vote to reduce funding for our children, elderly, disabled and poor here in Florida.

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