Join the Women's March on St. Pete, Saturday, January 21

Thu, Jan 12, 2017

Women’s March on St Petersburg
Participant Weekly Update as of January 12, 2017
Timeline for Saturday, January 21
12:00   Program begins, Music & Entertainment
12:30   Speakers, Music, March Instructions provided
13:00   March Begins from Palm Tree Portal
14:00   Marchers return
            Music and entertainment continue
14:30    Speakers
            Music & Entertainment
15:00   Wrap-up

Many thanks to the 100+ people who turned out to our General Meeting last night volunteer and learn about the March.  Energy is building!  As of this morning, 4,976 people have registered to attend, with hundreds new people adding on every day.
Plans and strategy and rounding up funds has been a tireless task for the Steering Committee, but we are determined to make this a powerful, enlightening, and enjoyable March and Rally.
Details about various aspects of the March are provided below. Some were detailed in last week’s Update, but some details have changed and much info is new.  Please read thoroughly.
What is up with these tickets?  Why do I need a ticket for a free march?  
When the first small group met just before the holidays to begin contemplate organizing a march, we thought we’d get 200-300 people.  We set up EventBrite for people to register, so we could track intended attendance.  Thank goodness we did, as we now know to prepare for 5,000+.  Yes, as of this moment, 4,976 people have registered for Women’s March St Pete.
Again, no one needs a ticket, but we do need people to register so that we (and the City) can prepare properly.  As you can imagine, our plans have changed several times as the numbers have grown.  Register here:
What to Bring.
Refillable water bottles for everyone in your party.  We will not have bottled water or food vendors, but we will have giant water coolers from which bottles can be refilled.
Sunglasses offer a way to avoid eye contact with any protesters we may face (if there, they will probably be on opposite sidewalk along route). They are craving our attention and engagement -- that’s why they are there. D on’t feed the beast. Don’t look at them or talk to or about them.  
Chairs or Blanket.  Many people are bringing chairs or picnic blankets for the pre-rally and post-rally which is fine. There will be volunteers hanging back at Demens Landing while folks are out Marching, so some some level of security for chairs/blankets left behind can be expected, but no guarantees, okay?  
Signs. A great group of volunteers are meeting regularly to make signs for Marchers to carry.  However, marchers should feel free to make their own signs.  In creating your own signs, please consider your wording carefully.  We are discouraging any reference to the president-elect as this march is focused on Women's Rights and the future of keeping those rights.  Please refrain from negative signs or posters that would bring attention to the president-elect instead of the March mission.  Women’s and children’s rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrants’ rights, racial justice, environmental sustainability, dispelling poverty, access to quality education, are examples of the social change messages we hope to include in this event.  Thank you so much!!

Other things. Although the article linked below is intended audience is for people attendee the national Women’s March on Washington where it’s likely to be cold, it lists great tips for anyone attending a public march.  Particularly relevant to us is its focus on footwear, water, snacks, communication essentials (including phone/case/battery pack and business cards), personal identification,and money.
T-Shirts.  We are selling t-shirts by pre-order only.  To get a lower-cost permit from the City, we had to agree to no sales at the event.  Deadline to order is this Sunday, Jan 15.
The order process is a little awkward (due to the fact that we are a group of volunteers and not actually a store – Ha!), but follow the directions and you shouldn’t have a problem.  I ordered one for me and one for my teen daughter and it just took a few minutes.
Here’s the link:
Thanks so much for your support!  Selling these t-shirts is how we are paying for all those porta-potties!
Dress Code / Color Scheme.  Marchers can wear whatever they please naturally, but many, many people are dressing in all white in honor of the suffragettes.
Donations accepted at any amount.   Will you help fund the March? Expenses for permits, supplies, security, etc. are adding up fast. Any amount will help. Many thanks to the Sojourner Truth Center for acting as our fiscal agent. Follow this link to donate via PayPal:
Or, if you prefer to pay by check, send to: Women's March/Sojourner Truth Center c/o Judith Nelson, 1257 63rd Terrace S, St Petersburg, FL 33705
Transportation/Parking.  There are two other large public events happening in downtown St Petersburg near or at the same time as Women’s March St. Pete and one at Tropicana midafternoon.  Locals: Please consider alternate means of transport to save parking for those traveling to the March from other places.  Bike, bus/trolley, or taxi would be good choices on this day.
Everyone: Consider arriving hours early.  If coming by car, secure your spot then go for a long breakfast at one of the great restaurants surrounding the St Pete waterfront and Demens Landing.
Three City-owned lots and garages are located within a few blocks of Demens Landing and hold 2,500 vehicles combined: South Core Parking Garage, Sundial Parking Garage, and Al Lang/Progress Energy Park Lot.  Follow this link for map and info on City lots:
There are also plenty of private lots in the blocks surrounding Demens Landing, many of which are along the Downtown Looper trolley path which costs 50 cents per ride. Great map of trolley and alternate parking available here:
CORRECTION: Some previous messages listed Tropicana Field as a potential parking place from which to jump on the Central Ave Trolley.  Tropicana parking, however, is reserved for attendees of the 92nd NFL East-West Shrine Game that afternoon. Taking the Central Ave Trolley is still a good idea; just don’t plan to park at the stadium.
Disability Access.  There will be a designated drop off spot for passengers with mobility difficulties (look for signs at Demens Landing entrance).  However, after drop off, drivers will need to take their vehicles to a regular parking spot.  Very few handicap spots in this area.
Route.  Our current Route map as approved by City of St Petersburg.
Note:  On Beach Drive, we will be walking 2-4 abreast on City sidewalks as we are not able to get Beach closed.  This route is approximately 1.3 miles in length.
Spreading the Word.  Can you help post flyers?  We have a list of public bulletin boards in St Petersburg that are aching for Women’s March fliers.  Can you help post?  Print a color flyer from this link:
Getting the word out via social media is critical. Let’s make sure every women’s rights supporter and social justice activist in Tampa Bay knows about the March.  Would you please “invite” everybody you know who cares about social justice to join us at the March and to register on our EventBrite page:
Your Steering Committee
Suzanne Benton
Carol Dameron
Susan Fessler
Stephanie Garza
Tom Gremaud
Marilyn Hafling
Lynn Carol Henderson
Linda Lucas
Carol Marks
Ellen Moses
Judi Nelson
Llani O'Connor
Jan Salsich
Christine Stockholm
Nancy Tait
Susanna Versandi
Amy Weintraub
Suzanne Young

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