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Voter Registration Training & Phone Banking at Solivita

When: Thursday, September 8th 2016, at 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Where: Bella Viana Mtg Rm. in Solivita
101 Sorrento Rd.
Poinciana, FL

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Host: Ellis Moose
Info: Would you consider signing up for voter registration training, one hour, at the above place and time?
We have a wonderful organizer, Julie Wong, sent to us from California to specifically organize Poinciana. That’s how important our area is to a Florida win in November.
She is multi lingual, an experienced community organizer and teacher, and will help us set things in motion to register thousands right here in Poinciana.
Julie will need lots of help and we are setting up to assist her in making sure Mr. Trump never gets near the Whitehouse!
All this work must be completed by October 11, the end date for voter registration for the presidential election in Florida. So the time is now and the need is urgent.
if we register many thousands of new Dem. voters in Polk and Osceola Counties, we win. It’s that straightforward.

Can you help in the following ways:
come to Bella Viana on Thursday morning and take the training. It’s only an hour.
bring a friend or send someone along to the training
go out into the community to register new and existing voters

That is what it will take and we need everyone to help.
We can’t sit back this election. The stakes are too high.

Please come on Thursday morning and bring as many friends as you can to build our Poinciana army of Democrats on the move.
Please share with your own network of Dem friends whom you think may want to join this effort. I’m sending this to 30 Dem friends.
You can increase this communication and invitation to all of your Dem friend groups. Please do.
I hope to see you Thursday morning at the pool house in Bella Viana. Enjoy your Labor Day.

Martha Cusimano
Solivita democratic Club
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