Polk County DEC - 2017 In Review

December 2016 – Reorganization meeting and election of new officers; Shawn Kinsey – Chair, Celestyne Williams – Vice Chair, David Jones – State Committeeman, Karen Welzel – State Committeewoman, Leonard Guminski – Treasurer, Dina Freeman – Secretary, Sargent-at-Arms – Ellis Moose (Immediate Past Chair)

Jan. 2017 – DWC East Polk Ridge, Women’s Walk on Lakeland, over 300 turn out; SCM & SCW talk and meet with FDP Chair Candidates; FDP State Organizational meeting and election of officers, Stephen Bittel, Chair; Judy Mount, Vice Chair; Women’s March on Washington (over 17 people from Polk Co went, 6 Polk Dems attended)

Feb. 2017 – DEC Annual Gala Fundraiser; Democratic Woman of the Year, Glenda Jones; Democratic Man of the Year, Ellis Moose III; “Shining Stars” Paul and Janet Anderson, Gwen Graham speaker; Interest meeting held for new Lake Ashton Club; DEC Board met to discuss FDP Sponsored Janet Reno Grant, OnDrew Hartigan offers to write for the grant; Rep. Soto hosts first Town Hall in Osceola on ACA.

Mar. 2017 – Lake Ashton organization meeting, 100+ members; DWC East Polk Ridge members attend Tally Days; DPCF holds annual meeting (Polk members attend); DWC Lakeland holds first meeting, over 100 new members; Rainbow Ridge hosts Statewide LGBTQ Winter Conference in Lakeland; Lakeland Dems Club meets; Precinct Training with Marti Kara; DWC East Polk Ridge hosts “How to Hold Better Meetings” training, members from all DEC clubs attend.

April 2017 – FDP County Chairs meeting to announce winners of Janet Reno Grant – Polk County awarded $2500. Primary election for Haines City Commission (Dina Friedman vs Anne Huffman), Huffman goes on to General Election, results in run-off); Rep. Soto attends Winter Haven City Commission meeting, acknowledges efforts to help procure Nora Mayo Hall and efforts to obtain office space in WH.

May 2017 – Haines City Commission Run-off, Huffman wins; online DEC Candidate training; Polk Dems Hispanic Caucus meets; DWCF Persisters Rally in Orlando, Polk Dem Womens Club members attend, Rep. Soto speaker; Lake Ashton hosts DEC members & Pct leaders social.

June 2017 – Campaign Finance Law Training in Tampa; Rep. Soto hosts Town Hall in Winter Haven; Polk Progressive Caucus meets; FDP Leadership Blue Gala in Hollywood, Joe Biden speaker, Polk Dems attend; Rep. Soto opens office in Winter Haven; Polk DEC Bowling event; Rainbow Ridge hosts “Pride in the Park.”

July 2017 – DWCF Quarterly Board meeting in Ocala; DPCF/DWCF host Legislative Collaborators Conf Call, ongoing throughout session, open to all Dems to participate; LDC hosts First Friday events in Lakeland.

Aug 2017 – DEC hosts social, “Evening with Rep. Soto” @ Jensen’s in Winter Haven; Conf Call for FDP Rules Committee, Karen Welzel on Cmte.

Sept 2017 – DEC Board meets with candidates for CD 15; DEC Pct Training with Kathie Sutherland; Voter Registration Day events; WH Club meets.

Oct. 2017 – Rainbow Ridge meets; Recurring conf call for FDP Leadership Dev. Training; DEC Pct Training with Kathie Sutherland; FDP State Conference in Orlando; Solivita hosts Democratic Candidates Forum; Lake Wales Pioneer Days, Lk Wales Club participates; Polk Legislative Delegation Meeting in Bartow, Kinsey and Welzel attend.

Nov. 2017 – DWCF Conference (replaced annual convention this year); Election Day, petition gathering and polling for candidates, Powell heads to run-off; Legislative Liaison 2017-18 Session Review; DEC Pct Training with Kathie Sutherland; DWC EPR Election; FDP Chair Bittel resigns; Rep. Soto hosts session on Alzheimer’s Disease; Winter Haven club hosts potluck; FDP Chair Candidates online forum; DWCL Election.

Dec. 2017 – SCM & SCW meet/talk with FDP Chair candidates; WH Election run-off, Powell wins; FDP State Meeting for election of new Chair, Terri Rizzo wins; Rainbow Ridge hosts holiday party for all Dems; DEC hosts fundraiser with Rep. Soto.

JANUARY 9, 2018 - Florida Legislative Session begins.