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A webinar to help progressive grassroots organizations and candidates for office to better use technology during the 2018 election cycle. Please help to spread the word about the event? What: Webinar on technology for political campaigns and movements When: Thursday, February 22 at 1 pm
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Judge Denies APV’s Request for Dismissal

By Keith Laytham From Lakeland Ledger
An article in the February 19th Lakeland Ledger ( describes a ruling made last week by Judge Catherine L. Combee denying motions made by APV and Avatar for the dismissal of the Breach of Contract Civil Complaint filed by
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Below is a summary of the Legislative priorities and actions items. Please review and take appropriate action including calling, writing to, emailing or posting Facebook messages to our senators and representative. Gun Bills It's too late for HB 219 (Smith-D), and SB 196 (Stewart-D) that ban
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DPCF to sponsor Nina Turner dinner at the PDA Florida Healthcare Summit in West Palm Beach

By Susan Smith, President From Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida
The DPCF is a sponsor of the Nina Turner dinner at the PDA Florida Healthcare Summit in West Palm Beach on February 16-17. We have 10 seats available on a first come, first served basis. Please sign up only if you are SURE you will be able to attend the Friday night keynote event with Nina Turner.
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With Your Help! Martha Good turns a Florida House seat from red to blue!

Thanks for the help from the neighbors from Polk County who canvassed and made calls to help win this important Special Election in Sarasota on February 13th. With support like that we can make huge progress towards more wins.

Next up: Ricky Shirah for State House Distric 39!

I hear there many dates set up for "Knockathons" in the coming weeks. If you are waiting for a special inviatation to help Ricky win, THIS IS IT!

Let’s Flip This One, Too!
Terrie Rizzo, Chairwoman,
Florida Democratic Party

Keeping track of the 2018 Florida Candidates?

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2018 Candidate Assessment and Voter Awareness Initiative

Candidate Ratings based on Progressive Questionaire

The energy and resources ready and waiting to support Progressive Democratic candidates are at an all-time high. The Polk County Progressive Democratic Caucus (PCPDC) Candidate Assessment and Voter Awareness Initiative was established to provide a reference for declared Progressives and other Democrats and independents with progressive values to determine where to focus their energy and resources.

Questionnaires were sent to all candidates who have filed as Democrats for national or state offices that touch on Polk county. A select committee of PCPDC members is in place to apply predefined criteria in an objective blind evaluation of candidate responses as they are received. The questionnaires reflect a Progressive Democratic agenda. In fact, the questions were derived directly from the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida’s platform.

The evaluation rating indicates each candidate’s level of support for the progressive agenda. In accordance with Florida Democratic Party bylaws, these evaluation ratings are not intended to imply endorsement during this primary season, but rather to inform progressive minded voters within the county of each candidate’s overall alignment with progressive values.

While all candidates were invited to participate in this initiative, not all have chosen to do so. We will continue to issue reminders from time to time, and will update postings with evaluations of new responses as they are received.

Click on the candidates' photos below to see their responses.

Barbara Cady - FLH42
Barbara Cady - FLH-42
Bob Doyel - FHD22
Bob Doyel - FLS-22
Raymond Pena - USCD15
Raymond Pena - USCD-15
Bill Pollard, Jr. - USCD17
Bill Pollard, Jr. - USCD-17

We did it again it again! Polk Dems March in Central Florida!

Polk County DEC - 2017 in Review

2017 has been a whirlwind of a year for us in the Polk County Democratic Party.

While some people took breaks after the 2016 election, Democrats in Polk County had something else in mind. Like so many other people across the country, they wanted to fight.

A new group of local Democratic Party activists was born after the events of November 2016. These activists would end up shaping not only the Democratic Party, but they would form a part of what has been called " The Resistance." Groups like Indivisible and the Persisters came into 2017 swinging hard. They have held town halls and organized protests across the state and the country that have made a significant impact on elected officials in every single level of government.

I am more inspired than ever before with everything that I have seen in local Democratic Party politics over the last year. We have more volunteers working with us than any point in recent DEC history. Precinct committee people recruitment initiatives in Polk County have also been a huge success.

If you weren't sure before, let me assure you that the tide is turning, and things are starting to change. That change is not limited to Polk County though. Counties across the state of Florida have had a similar surge in activity and involvement over the last year.

Despite all of this, we know that there is still a lot of work to be done and a long way to go. We are taking steps forward and we need everyone's ideas to help us build a better future and a better local Party.

We move together, or we don't move at all.

Changing local politics will be how we prepare for 2018 and especially how we prepare for 2020. Now is the time. We may not have an opportunity as ripe as this for a long time. Let's take advantage of it. Let's build a better local Democratic Party.

In closing, I have attached a 2017 Year End Review of Polk DEC activities summary report. We have been pretty active and it shows in this report.

See what we did in 2017!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and your unwavering support.
Onward and upward to turning Polk County Blue in 2018 and beyond.

Democratically yours,
Shawn W. Kinsey  
Chair, Polk County Democratic Executive Committee
Vice Chair, Florida Democratic County Chairs Assoc.

Seventeen Delegates from Polk County Attended the Florida Democrtaic Conference in Orlando, Oct. 27-29

2018 Florida Legislative Regular Session in Tallahassee

The Regular Session continues in February
Regular Session convened January 9, 2018. 
Deadline for filing bills for introduction has passed.

February 24, 2018 — All bills are certified by thhis date. 
Motion to reconsider made and considered the same day.

February 27, 2018 50th day—last day for regularly scheduled committee meetings.

March 9, 2018 60th day—last day of Regular Session. 

Please contact one of your local legislators to find out the date of your delegation meeting. We need to prepare speakers to address our priorities at these county meetings.

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Shawn W. Kinsey

Trump vs. The World (Adult Language!)

Rep. Darren Soto Represents Central Florida Well

Sen. Nelson on Offshore Drilling & Russian Collussion