Vote today! Lakeland City Commission Special Election

Polls in Lakeland are open until 7PM this evening.
Polk County Supervisor of Elections, Lori Edwards, says
"Lakeland has combined some precincts for this election, so it is important to check your polling location in advance...if there are any question [voters] can check on line or call 863-534-5888."
Check for your polling location here.

Join the Resistance!

RESIST! - February 16, 2019 in Winter Have, FL

Calling all Clubs, Caucuses and Precinct Captains!

We've moved into the new office.  It's awesome!  That was Number 1 on our Project 2020 list.  
Now we can move full speed ahead with our mission of getting Democrats elected.  We need to start NOW to set up the structure that will help us win local, state, and national elections.  That means recruiting and training Precinct Committeepersons, forming new Clubs and Caucuses, reaching out to like-minded community groups, increasing voter registration, hosting events, fund-raising, and more.  
The next step is getting the office up and running with a volunteer staff, Polk Team Blue, who share our committment and are willing to make calls, do data entry, address envelopes, answer the phone, and all the other myriad tasks that are needed for success.  I would recommend that each club or caucus sign up for 1 to 3 shifts each week at this link.  It does not need to be the same club member volunteering each week.  Please share this announcement with your members.  Precinct captains, please sign up, too.  I am hoping that clubs, caucuses and PCs can keep the office open everyday.  We will recruit volunteers from the community as well, but YOU are the leaders!  You understand our mission.  
I would recommend everyone interested in staffing the office should attend the Polk Team Blue Orientation on 1/20/19 at 3 PM.   This will give you a broader picture of what staffing the office will look like, though all individual tasks will be on-the-job training.  Sign up for the Polk Team Blue Orientation at this link.  Enjoy snacks and the company of fellow Dems! 
It will take teamwork to fulfill our common vision!  Be part of Polk Team Blue!
Katherine Sutherland, MD
Chair of the Polk County Democrats

Polk DEC Moves Headquarters to Lakeland!

Great news for Polk Dems! NOW IN LAKELAND!
We have secured larger office space to meet the needs of our growing organization!

The Polk County Democratic Executive Committee has moved to our new home office at 1549 South Combee Road in Lakeland.
A big thanks to OnDrew J Hartigan, Judy Haberek, Danette May, Cesar Ramirez, Charles Chuck Warren, and Richard Sutherland!

Watch for information about our Grand Opening Celebration as it becomes available.

These Newely elected Precinct Committeepersons are dedicated to Democratic values!

Congratulations to the new Precinct Committeepersons elected at our Jaunary 5th meeting.


to all the new Precinct Committeepersons
elected at our Jaunary 5th meeting.
We just keep getting stronger!

Polk County DEC Announces Election of 2019-2020 Board Officers

The Polk County DEC Reorganization Meeting & Election
of 2019-2020 Board Officers was held

Monday, December 10, 2018

(left to right) Kala Tedder, Secretary; Cesar Ramirez, Vice Chair; Kathie Sutherland, Chair;
Chris Cause, Sargeant-At-Arms; Johnnie Thomas, Treasurer;
David Jones, State Committeeman; and Karen Welzel, State Committeewoman.

Unity and passion were palpably present on December 10 in Bartow where nearly one hundred people attended the uncontested election of our new leadership. 
Immediately following her election as chair, Kathie Sutherland hit the ground running by securing the appointment of a committee to come up with a new and more conveniently located DEC headquarters. 
This action is the first in a series of actions in Project Blue 2020, Kathie’s fourteen-page plan
designed to help ensure success in the 2020 presidential election.


Your Polk County Democratic Party is working very hard to elect more Democrats. 
We have a number of projects to achieve this goal, such as our Blue Wave Cool Bus,
plus we NEED DONATIONS to cover the printing, postage and on-going office expenses.
We are not going away! We are working on 2019 Municipal Elections now! 
Time is short!  Please donate whatever you can today!

The Polk County Blue Wave Cool Bus needs your support!
Or mail your donation to 651 E. Main St., Haines City, FL 33844. 
We can set up a program to automatically withdraw any set amount from your checking account monthly.
Ask us how!
Of course, we'll take checks payable to The Polk County Democratic Party.

Annual Christmas Party was hosted by Rainbow Ridge on Tuesday, December 11th

Polk Democrats' Annual Christmas Party hosted by Rainbow Ridge
at The Fire Restaurant in downtown Winter Haven.
Polk DEC Celebrates the Holiday Season at The Fire Restaurant in Winter Haven on Dec. 11, 2018
Heaps of gifts were donated by DEC members to needy foster kids in Polk County.

Recent News

Lakeland, FL - January 10, 2019

A non-partisan voter registration campaign conducted jointly by Bob Doyel, a recent candidate for the Florida State Senate, and the Polk County Democratic Party is off to an impressive start.  The campaign is focusing on approximately 1.4 million felons

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Welcome 2019! I am personally so glad that you are here and I value each and every one of our members.  My hope is that all had a festive holiday season and that some rest was had through the all preparation and the gatherings.  There are a few important opportunities
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One of our year-round goals is voter registration!  This year we have the opportunity to register approximately 45,000 felons in Polk County who have had their voting rights restored.  Bob Doyel has assembled a team to locate, educate, and assist felons to register to vote.  We need
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Polk County DEC Announces Move to Lakeland

By Katherine Sutherland From Polk County FL DEC

Great news for Polk Dems!  We have secured larger, more centralized office space to meet the needs of our growing organization!

The Polk County Democratic Executive Committee will open our new home office at 1549 South Combee Road in Lakeland. The old location in Haines City is closed.


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Our strength derives from our diversity.
Polk County Democrats believe in a strong sense of community.
    We are working to improve the lives of everyone who lives in our county, state and nation by promoting issues and candidates that provide for the common good of all people.

Polk County Democratic Headquarters

Polk County
Democratic Office
Call for an appointment!


1549 South Combee Road,
Lake;and, FL

(863) 668-7199

Polk County DEC Chair:

Kathie Sutherland

DNC Member &
Immediate Past DEC Chair:

Shawn W. Kinsey

Democracy is not a spectator sport!
Please donate or volunteer today.

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