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Team — Today marks the beginning of statewide early voting for Florida’s primary elections on August 28.

All the work we do comes down to who shows up at the polls.
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The sooner Democrats build an overwhelming turnout lead, the better.

That’s why THIS WEEKEND we’re hosting a huge #KnockTheVote Weekend of Action to kickoff our statewide primary GOTV operations.
Our grassroots network of volunteers is KEY to electing the first Democratic governor in 24 years and re-electing Senator Bill Nelson, but we need your help this weekend to help us make our plan a reality.

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Seven More Precinct leaders join the DEC

Rep. Darren Soto welcomes our seven newest precinct leaders to the Democratic Executive Committee on Monday, August 13th in Bartow.

Rep. Darren Soto welcomes the seven newest precinct leaders to the  Polk DEC.

Recent News

  By Catherine Price, Candidate for Florida Senate District 26 The current healthcare trainwreck has been coming for a long time. The Rick Scott administration in Tallahassee has done a great job of helping companies make money on healthcare. And Rick Scott knows about helping
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A little about the author.  She retired after 25 years in DOD finance, attended (there is no graduation) Federal Accounting School and was authorized to sign Treasury Checks (when we still used checks).  She says she served under 5 presidents and felt compelled to write this because

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The Wall Street Journal has identified the contact known only as “US Person 2” in the charges against accused Russian spy Maria Butina as conservative columnist, and heir to the Rockefeller fortune, George O’Neill. The contact listed as “US Person 1” had already been
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The Progress Florida team is heading to the State Capitol next week to deliver petitions to Gov. Rick Scott and the Secretary of the Florida Dept. of Health (DOH). There, we will join allies to

call on the Dept. of Health to act on an important reproductive rights issue - the indefensible

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2018 Candidate Assessment and Voter Awareness Initiative

Candidate Ratings based on Progressive Questionaire

Barbara Cady - FLH42

Barbara Cady - FLH-42

Bob Doyel - FHD22

Bob Doyel - FLS-22

April Freeman - USHD-17

April Freeman - USCD-17

Joy Gibson

Joy Gibson - FLS-20

Alan Grayson

Alan Grayson - USCD-9

Rep. Darren Soto

Kathy Lewis - FLS-20

Raymond Pena - USCD15
Raymond Peña - USCD-15

Join the
Polk County
Democratic Caucus

Bill Pollard, Jr. - USCD17

Bill Pollard, Jr. - USCD-17

Catherine Price

Catherine Price - FLS-26

Rep. Darren Soto

Rep. Darren Soto - USCD-9

Shandale Terrell - FLH-40

Shandale Terrell - FLH-40

Kristen Carlson

Kristen Carlson - USCD-15
Andrew Learned

Andrew Learned - USCD-15
Ricky Shirah

Ricky Shirah - FLH-39

Polk County Progressive Candidates Participated in Candidate Forum

The Polk Couty Progressive Democratic Caucus hosted a Candidate Forum on July 16 in the County Commissioners' Chambers in Bartow, FL. The event was moderated by Susan MacManus, Professor Emerita at the University of South Florida. Ten progressive-leaning candidates, representing eight state and U.S. Congressional districts in Polk County participated. Representatives of six media outlets reported on the event.
PCPDC Candidate Forum, July 16, 2018, Bartow, FL.
View the video of State Candidates on the ballot in Polk County, FL,
click here
View the video of US Congressional Candidates on the ballot in Polk County, FL,
click here

Solivita Candidate Rally resounding success!

More than 250 Solivita Residents stopped by during our Candidate Rally on July 14 in Freedom Park.

Highlighting the event were guests former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Congressman Darren Soro (D-FL).

Candidates from across the county and state made an appearance at the rally and took advantage of the opportunity to speak directly to voters and hand out literature for the uocomming election.

Scenes from SDC's Candidate Rally in Freedom Park on July 14.

Blue Wave Gala - Huge success

A historically large crowd of Democrats turned out for our Polk DEC Blue Wave Gale on Saturday, June 23 in Winter Haven.

Scenes from oour Blue Wave Gale, June 23, 2018

Polk County DEC - 2017 in Review

2017 has been a whirlwind of a year for us in the Polk County Democratic Party.

While some people took breaks after the 2016 election, Democrats in Polk County had something else in mind. Like so many other people across the country, they wanted to fight.

A new group of local Democratic Party activists was born after the events of November 2016. These activists would end up shaping not only the Democratic Party, but they would form a part of what has been called " The Resistance." Groups like Indivisible and the Persisters came into 2017 swinging hard. They have held town halls and organized protests across the state and the country that have made a significant impact on elected officials in every single level of government.

I am more inspired than ever before with everything that I have seen in local Democratic Party politics over the last year. We have more volunteers working with us than any point in recent DEC history. Precinct committee people recruitment initiatives in Polk County have also been a huge success.

If you weren't sure before, let me assure you that the tide is turning, and things are starting to change. That change is not limited to Polk County though. Counties across the state of Florida have had a similar surge in activity and involvement over the last year.

Despite all of this, we know that there is still a lot of work to be done and a long way to go. We are taking steps forward and we need everyone's ideas to help us build a better future and a better local Party.

We move together, or we don't move at all.

Changing local politics will be how we prepare for 2018 and especially how we prepare for 2020. Now is the time. We may not have an opportunity as ripe as this for a long time. Let's take advantage of it. Let's build a better local Democratic Party.

In closing, I have attached a 2017 Year End Review of Polk DEC activities summary report. We have been pretty active and it shows in this report.

See what we did in 2017!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and your unwavering support.
Onward and upward to turning Polk County Blue in 2018 and beyond.

Democratically yours,
Shawn W. Kinsey  
Chair, Polk County Democratic Executive Committee
Vice Chair, Florida Democratic County Chairs Assoc.

Polk County Democrats Are Working For You

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Our strength derives from our diversity. Polk County Democrats believe in a strong sense of community.
    We are working to improve the lives of everyone who lives in our county, state and nation by promoting issues and candidates that provide for the common good of all people.

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Polk County Democratic Headquarters – Haines City

Polk DEC Haines City Office 2018

Polk County
Democratic Office
Call for an appointment!

Across from City Hall,
Inside the OK Arcade.

651 East Main Street, Suite 10-C,
Haines City, FL 33844

(863) 668-7199


Office Manager/
Membership and Precinct
Committee Chair:

Kathie Sutherland

Polk County D.E.C. Chair and
DNC Member:

Shawn W. Kinsey

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